Our Purpose

Serving Ontario's hospitals to build a better health system

Our Values

  • Humility

    We listen to and respect the views of others.

  • Discovery

    We explore new ideas and possibilities.

  • Passion

    We bring energy and enthusiasm to what we do.

Our Pillars

Our member, system and organizational mandates form the strategic pillars of the OHA's plan to serve hospitals to build a better health system for Ontarians.

Our Members

The OHA will actively support our diverse membership.


Our System

The OHA will be an innovator and catalyst for vital change in Ontario’s health system.


Our Organization

The OHA will ensure that our organization and culture remain inclusive, modern and relevant.


Our Future

The COVID-19 pandemic will leave a deep mark in the memories of people around the world, and Ontario is no exception.

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Our Journey

Our strategic plan was created under the careful guidance of our Board of Directors and a Special Committee of the Board for Strategic Planning.

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