Policy and Advocacy

We will ensure that hospitals have a strong and respected voice in their relationship with the Ontario government, partners, and the public.

Governments today operate in an unpredictable, highly complex environment and this can have a direct influence on how decisions are made. It is the OHA’s responsibility to work with our diverse membership to ensure that government has a full perspective on the issues that matter most to hospitals and the health care system.

We will draw on research and evidence to develop targeted policy recommendations that address the challenges of today and proactively anticipate the needs of the future.

Our advocacy on provincial budgets, legislative and regulatory changes, and a range of policy matters will centre on the needs of hospitals while recognizing the critical value of collaboration with partners across the care continuum.

The most pressing issue identified by hospital leaders in recent years is health human resources. We are committed to continuing assertive efforts to address the contributors to health human resources challenges within hospitals and across the entire health system, which includes calling on the province to develop a funded, multi-stakeholder and evidence-based strategy. On this and other issues, the OHA will represent the strong collective voice of Ontario’s hospitals, encouraging action that is in the best interest of patients, caregivers, and the broader health system.

Health care worker pushing patient on gurney down a hallway.
PICTURED: Image from OHA’s Here to Care campaign created to remind Ontarians that against adversity and beyond challenges, Ontario’s hospitals have and will continue to be there for their communities.
Health care worker changing bedding at William Osler Health System.
PICTURED: William Osler Health System staff. Photo courtesy of William Osler Health System’s Annual Report.

Labour Relations and Benefits

We will deliver sustainable, sector-wide labour relations and benefits solutions that help hospitals support employees and meet their health human resources needs.

Ontario’s hospitals are rapidly evolving organizations, with people at the heart of everything they do.

Hospital services rely on a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Funding realities in Ontario have long necessitated that hospitals be as agile as possible, using hyper-efficient human resource models while maintaining high standards of care. This approach was severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in significantly increased staffing and cost pressures and further strain on our health care system.

Labour Relations and Benefits

Collective bargaining has a significant impact on hospital finances and operations. Our deep understanding of these realities enables us to facilitate innovative and sustainable outcomes while seeking productive relationships with Ontario’s health care unions. With the leadership and support of our members, we will address these complex issues through high-impact collective bargaining and sector-wide labour relations solutions.


The cost of benefits and ongoing need to support employee health and wellness are critical issues for hospitals. Leveraging our significant experience in building system-wide solutions, and harnessing the power and expertise of the sector, we will seek to cultivate and grow group benefits solutions that address the complex issues of viability and sustainability of current benefits models.

Data and Analytics

We will support hospitals with accurate, timely and insightful data and tools to enable evidence-informed decision-making.

Ontario’s health care system experiences continuous evolution, rapid growth and frequent innovations in data and analytics solutions.

Building on the OHA’s foundational data and benchmarking platforms in finance, human resources, patient experience and governance, we will adapt to the evolving needs of hospitals and accelerate the translation of data and analytics into action. Our suite of tools will support members with accurate and insightful data to enable quick analysis by the end user. We will strive to further embrace the power of analytics by enabling innovative solutions paired with strategic insights to support members as they make evidence-informed decisions.

By being responsive to the sector and attuned to the data and analytics needs of our members, we are positioned to contribute to health system advancement and support hospitals as they generate positive change in their communities.
A staff member looks up information on a large display screen in the Operational Command Centre.
PICTURED:William Osler Health System’s Operational Command Centre. Photo courtesy of William Osler Health System’s Annual Report.