Integrated Decision Support (IDS)

Integrated Decision Support (IDS) is a leading collaborative solution for sharing integrated health partner data. Join a host of IDS subscribers to gain access to linked data of shared-care patients and tools that give providers a line of sight into the patient journey. Learn more about how you can harness the power of IDS analytics. 


COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Get the most recent Ministry of Health COVID-19 updates as well as resources for hospital members including OHA, Government and Stakeholder Resources.  Members are encouraged to check this page regularly, as Ministry updates are anticipated on a daily basis. 

Member SatisfactionSurvey 2021

Feedback from our Member Satisfaction Surveys help us identify priorities to support the important work our members are doing across the province. Our ongoing success is predicated on a strong relationship with our members and we will continue to engage members to identify opportunities for ongoing improvement.

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