Recommended 2020 Budget Investment

Ontarians expect hospitals to be there when they need them. But Ontario's hospitals are struggling to keep up with rising demand, and access to timely care is at serious risk.  While we build a better health care system for tomorrow, we must make sure we are able to provide the care Ontarians need today. 


New Report: Ontario Hospitals - Leaders in Efficiency

On behalf of Ontario hospitals, we have developed a report on the significant efficiency gains made by hospitals in recent years. ​Through a brief narrative, together with a considerable body of supporting evidence, including a series of detailed charts, the report offers a wider-lens view of the hospital sector's past and present state.​


Health System Discovery Launches

The OHA has launched Health System Discovery, our new online thought leadership platform designed to encourage informed discussion about the future of Ontario's health care system. It's first edition focuses on integrated care, which is top-of-mind for today's health care leaders.
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