We will strengthen our highly engaged culture with a strong commitment to care for our people while fostering a positive employee experience.

The OHA is comprised of passionate, highly dedicated professionals focused on serving our members and improving Ontario’s health system. We invest in our people, provide growth opportunities, and enable innovations in emerging talent management strategies.

As an organization, we are committed to fostering an environment where our people can explore new ideas and find strength in different ways of working together.

Our culture will adapt and grow to ensure that we are able to redefine long-standing cultural norms, remove barriers that limit inclusion, and recognize value in our unique perspectives. We will strive to eliminate all forms of racism in our workplace through dialogue and reflection, safe and progressive practices, and holding each other accountable.

OHA remains steadfast in our commitment to actively listen to our people and respond to their needs with compassion and an enhanced focus on health and wellbeing.

3 OHA staff members laughing together.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

During the pandemic, the OHA struck an internal Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism (EDI & AR) Committee charged with creating a uniquely positive work environment that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion as strengths to foster through dialogue, reflection, and growth. Going forward, this committee will help guide where and how we embed EDI & AR in support of our team, as well as our member- and system-level priorities.

PICTURED: Ontario Hospital Association staff.
Three OHA staff members gather around a table, with 4 more members are visible on a zoom screen in the meeting room.
PICTURED: Ontario Hospital Association staff in a hybrid meeting.


We will be responsive to the evolving work environment as we continue our relentless pursuit of business-planning excellence.

Building upon our foundation of excellence in core business-planning, we remain committed to providing value to members by delivering on our core strategic mandates through progressive and efficient methods. We will continue to be conscious of the social impacts of our decisions and therefore hold ourselves to high standards of responsible resource management.

The pandemic has transformed the ways we work and interact with one another, and we expect this evolution to continue in the years ahead. This change presents opportunities to encourage innovative ways of working within and across our teams, and to reach members with greater efficacy.

We will enhance our use of technology to mobilize collaborative opportunities, pursue highly inclusive approaches to complex projects and matrix programs, and better leverage our office space to strengthen our culture of teamwork.


We will continue to cultivate and nurture healthy relationships with our related entities and strategic partners.

For 100 years, the OHA has established and grown relationships across the health care system and beyond, building strong ties with government, other provider associations, and leaders across different policy spheres. Our success is built on a foundation of trust and shared visions for improving Ontario’s health care system for the people it serves.

Throughout our history, the OHA has launched successful independent and related entities in support of building a better health system.

Today, we remain committed to fostering healthy, mutually respectful, and constructive relationships with three related organizations – Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), Proximity Institute, and the OHA Legacy Fund. The OHA and our Board of Directors are committed to exercising our duties and obligations to ensure these very important organizations thrive into the future.

Three people from the OHA and Proximity Institute discuss around a table.

Proximity Institute

Proximity Institute is an independent charitable organization founded by the OHA. Dedicated to enabling effective leadership at the most senior level in Ontario hospitals, Proximity works in partnership with CEOs and their leadership teams on the priorities that matter most. Its long-term ambition is to work collaboratively with hospitals to identify, develop and ready a quality pipeline of emerging CEO talent.

PICTURED: Ontario Hospital Association and Proximity Institute staff working together.