In the face of extraordinary demands, the dedication and resilience that hospital teams exhibited to anchor Ontario's pandemic response and collaborate with their local partners have been nothing short of inspiring. At the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), we are very proud to serve our members during the most serious health crisis and civil emergency in our own 100-year history.

Under our previous strategic plan, we made serving the full diversity of Ontario's hospitals our primary purpose. We enhanced the direct support and value we provide to members, responding to their most pressing needs, while also maintaining a system orientation on the questions facing the future of Ontario's health care system. Our work was made possible by timely and prudent efforts to modernize the OHA's organizational capabilities and our commitment to fostering strong, trusting relationships with our members.

We are in a truly remarkable time for our sector and our province.

While the challenges ahead are immense, the pandemic has reinforced that we cannot return to the status quo. We must seek to stabilize our health system and build it back stronger. There is an urgent need to build capacity in hospitals and across the continuum of care and find sustainable, system-wide solutions that address serious health human resources needs. Experience has proven that hospitals must play a key role in building a reliable, high-performing health care system for Ontario, and in shaping public conversations on health care issues. It also demonstrated the collective strength of the entire health system when government, providers, and organizations across civil society - including the OHA - are motivated by a single aim: protecting and improving the wellbeing of Ontarians.

A health care worker wearing a face shield, mask, and PPE, provides care to a patient in a hospital bed.
PICTURED:William Osler Health System staff and patient. Photo courtesy of William Osler Health System's Annual Report.
With our new strategic plan, the OHA is focused on effecting positive change for our members, the health system, and our own organization.

It is imperative that we use lessons learned during the pandemic to plan to meet Ontarians' health service needs, not only over the next four years, but also ten or twenty years from now. To that end, we are fully committed to enhancing key services Ontario's hospitals have long relied on us for, and to ensuring they have a voice in reshaping the health care system.

The OHA is proud to support and amplify hospitals' evolution, innovation, and leadership as our system recovers and transforms. On behalf of the OHA Board of Directors, thank you to our members, team, and system partners for their contributions to shaping this strategic plan and the OHA's aspirations for the future.

Anthony Dale, Ontario Hospital Association President and CEO and Dominic Giroux Ontario Hospital Association Board Chair.

Anthony Dale

President and CEO

Dominic Giroux

Board Chair