Updates on the novel coronavirus

​The OHA developed this webpage to keep members apprised of recent Ministry of Health updates regarding the novel coronavirus, and to highlight relevant resources for members. It is important to note that the health system is well-prepared to respond to this type of issue. As the situation unfolds, officials from the Ministry and public health, including the Chief Medical Officer of Health, remain in close contact with health care providers and partners across the system, including the OHA. This includes daily stakehholder calls to share information, guidance, and address any challenges, should they arise.

Daily Update - August 6, 2020

Situation Report #194 COVID-19
Ministry of Health | Health System Emergency Management Branch               


Area / RégionCase count / Nombre de casChange from yesterday / Changement par rapport à hierDeaths / DécèsChange from yesterday / Changement par rapport à hier
Worldwide total /
Total mondial
19 006 683+273 705711 874+6 834
Canada*118 187+3958 962+4
Ontario**39 809+952 783 +1


Confirmed CasesCas confirmésData Source / Source des donnéesYesterday / Hier7-day % change /
% de changement sur 7 jours
Cumulative CasesNombre cumulatif de casiPHIS / SIISP39 8092%
Health Sector Worker CasesNombre de cas chez les travailleurs du secteur de la santéiPHIS / SIISP6 5371%
Cumulative ResolvedNombre cumulatif de cas résolusiPHIS / SIISP35 9063%
Cumulative DeathsNombre cumulatif de décèsiPHIS / SIISP2 7830%
Long-Term Care Home ResidentsNombre de décès de résidents des CSLD  iPHIS / SIISP 1 7970%
Retirement Home ResidentsNombre de décès de résidents des maisons de retraite  iPHIS / SIISP 1910%
Health Sector WorkersNombre de décès de travailleurs du secteur de la santéiPHIS / SIISP 120%
Mode of Acquisition*Mode d'acquisition*  Percent of Total / % du total
Outbreak-associated or close contact of a confirmed caseAssociés à l'éclosion ou contact étroit avec un cas confirméiPHIS / SIISP21 21553%
TravelVoyageiPHIS / SIISP1 611 4%
No known epidemiological linkAucun lien épidémiologique connuiPHIS / SIISP6 73117%
Information missing or pendingRenseignement manquant ou en attenteiPHIS / SIISP2 9977%

Acute Care:

Acute CareSoins aigusData Source / Source des donnéesYesterday / Hier7-day % change /
% de changement sur 7 jours
Confirmed patients hospitalizedCas confirmés hospitalisésdBCS / RqL71 -15%
Cumulative hospitalized health sector workersNombre cumulatif de travailleurs du secteur de la santé hospitalisésiPHIS / SIISP235 1%
Cumulative health sector workers in ICUNombre cumulatifs de travailleurs du secteur de la santé aux soins intensifsiPHIS / SIISP                     57 2%
    7-day average /
Moyenne de 7 jours
Current vented patients (includes COVID+)Patients actuellement branchés à un respirateur (incluent les COVID+)CCSO / SOSMPC468                                 440
CRCI VentedCOVID+ sur respirateurCCSO / SOSMPC20                                   21

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OHA members can direct their questions to Melissa Prokopy, Director, Legal, Policy and Professional Issues, at mprokopy@oha.com or 416-205-1565.

OHA Resources

Government Resources

Ministry Communications To Date

For other government communications related to COVID-19, visit the Ministry's website.

System Partner/Hospital Resources & Other Resources

  • Canadian Institute for Health Information:
  • CorHealth: COVID-19 Resource Centre
  • Covid Care Learning: Educational resources have been developed and posted on www.covidcarelearning.ca to assist organizations that are continuing to plan for redeployment to the meet the needs for COVID-19 care. This website was created with the support of the Ontario healthcare and education communities to provide key resources to prepare healthcare professionals who will be treating Ontarians impacted by COVID-19. These resources are intended for anyone in the hospital or long-term care sector, including those involved in the care of COVID-19 and other critically ill patients or residents. Read a previous OHA bulletin for instructions on loggin in.
  • Innovative Medicines Canada COVID-19 Resource Centre
    • The website will feature the many contributions from members who are testing for COVID-19, discovering new treatments and vaccines, and will also contain a section on drug shortages. It  will be updated daily with new and relevant information.
  • Intubation Boxes: Klick is offering free intubation boxes, delivered at no cost to hospitals. Click here for more information.
  • Michael Garron Hospital: Checklist (sample) for supporting LTC homes (prevention workstreams)
  • Ontario College of Family Physicians: Resource Page
  • Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
    • Physician Resource page
    • FAQ: Updated regularly to provide advice/guidance on key issues CPSO is hearing about and where joint messaging could be helpful.
  • Ontario Community Support Association: New Community Support Program Provides Help for Vulnerable Seniors in Isolation
  • Ontario Medical Association:
  • Research- related resources: Two recently launched websites allow users to submit their COVID-19 questions to be examined through a network of researchers.
    • Rapid Evidence Access Link (REAL), created by an interdisciplinary team of health systems students and professionals, scans credible evidence sources and produces concise notes on a variety of COVID-19 queries. It focuses on operational and tactical questions from individual health service providers and clinicians.
    • The COVID-19 Evidence Synthesis Network is comprised of organizations in Ontario's evidence synthesis and knowledge translation community. It provides high-quality, relevant, and timely synthesized research evidence about COVID-19 to inform decision makers as the pandemic continues, with a focus on strategic policy and program questions.
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre:
  • University Health Network: Click here to access a set of resources developed by UHN featuring tips to ensure inclusion and equity for marginalized community members during COVID-19.
  • University of Toronto: University of Toronto Engineering researchers have developed Redeploy, a tool that optimizes and automates the matching of available staff to jobs that need to be filled throughout the hospital.

Global Resources