Patient Reported Performance Measurement

​​Most of the OHA’s work in Patient Reported Performance Measurement (PRPM) has been focused on measuring the patient experience, which is one type of patient reported performance measure. Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMS) are about measuring, reporting and improving patients’ experiences during the care process using a valid approach to gather accurate and actionable results that can be easily interpreted and addressed.

Having a better understanding of the care process from the patient’s perspective enables health care providers to improve quality of care and support better health outcomes. By using standardized surveys, organizations can determine if their results are leading or lagging relative to peers.

Patient Experience Measurement - Survey and Services

In 2016, the OHA established a new patient experience measurement services contract that will enable hospitals to meet emerging needs and business requirements. In addition, the OHA, with guidance of sector-specific committees, has been reviewing validated patient survey instrument options for use in the new OHA contract. In this section you will find links to OHA-recommended patient experience surveys, information regarding the surveying services contract as well as related background materials and resources.

Guidance on Different Modes for Surveying Patients

With the adoption of new technologies and changes in culture and behaviours, the traditional practice of sending a paper-based, post-discharge survey through the mail is proving to be an increasingly expensive and less preferred means for reaching patients.  As such, it is helpful to consider other modes in order to effectively and efficiently capture patients' perceptions of their health care experience.

The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) has developed a guidance document to present and assess the various modes for reaching patients, providing the strengths and weakness of each.


Other forms of patient reported performance measurement include Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS). PROMS are an emerging area of patient reported performance measurement and have been identified as an additional opportunity to measure and improve health care in Ontario. To explore measuring PROMs, the OHA will be working with provincial, national and international thought leaders, including hospitals and other health system stakeholders.

OHA Patient Reported Survey Mode Guidance

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