Board Appointed Professional Staffhttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/board-appointed-professional-staffBoard Appointed Professional StaffInformation, tools and resources to help hospitals address issues pertaining to physicians, midwives, dentists and registered nurses in the extended class.
End-of-Life Carehttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/end-of-life-careEnd-of-Life CareCurrent developments on issues relating to end-of-life care, including palliative care, treatment decisions at the end-of-life and medical assistance in dying.
Physician Fundinghttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/physician-fundingPhysician FundingInformation and resources pertaining to the funding of physician services in Ontario, including the Physician Services Agreement between the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ontario Medical Association.
Patient Reported Performance Measurementhttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/patient-reported-performance-measurementPatient Reported Performance MeasurementAsking patients about their hospital care is important for continuous improvement. The OHA supports measurement and improvement of patient experiences through patient experience surveys and the OHA-managed surveying services contract.
Coroner Reports and Documentshttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/coroner-reports-and-documentsCoroner Reports and Documents​​​​The following is an inventory of individual case reports of coroner's inquests sent to the OHA from the Office of the Chief Coroner.
Privacy and Freedom of Informationhttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/privacy-and-freedom-of-informationPrivacy and Freedom of InformationInformation on maintaining the confidentiality of personal health information under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).
Hospital-Physician Relationshttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/hospital-physician-relationsHospital-Physician RelationsInformation, tools and resources to help hospitals and physicians strengthen their relationship.
Professional Staffhttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/professional-staffProfessional StaffInformation, tools and resources to help hospitals address issues pertaining to the various regulated health professions who are employees of an organization.
Clinical and Patient Care Issueshttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/clinical-and-patient-care-issuesClinical and Patient Care IssuesResources and information on topics such as mental health and addictions, surrogacy, alternate level of care, medications and drugs, quality of care and patient safety.
Hospital Policies and Operationshttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/hospital-policies-and-operationsHospital Policies and OperationsContent relating to ongoing hospital operational and policy issues. Includes topics such as labour relations, smoke-free hospitals, workplace violence, accessibility and hospital parking.
Accountability and Governancehttps://www.oha.com/guidance-and-resources/accountability-and-governanceAccountability and GovernanceInformation on various forms this issue can take; accountability agreements, voluntary corporate governance, executive compensation, independent oversight of hospitals and system governance.