Population Health


For some time now, health care providers have recognized that addressing social determinants of health is essential to providing high-quality care. Doing that will require integrating health and social services, as well as implementing initiatives that contribute to the improvement of population health. For this reason, the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) has developed this resource page to encourage broader awareness and understanding of population health, especially in light of the gaps in health equity and care exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the province continues to navigate the pandemic, lessons have emerged to help build an even stronger health system.

This Population Health series explores the concept of population health and related terms, and the role a hospital can play in producing population health. The series also offers local and international examples of health systems that have invested beyond their walls to improve the health of their communities.

The information and resources shared here are not exhaustive, and as such, organizations are encouraged to engage in additional research and due diligence, as required. Organizations who wish to share additional items for posting on this page can email gotnews@oha.com. This resource page will be updated as more information becomes available, and readers are encouraged to visit regularly.

Disclaimer: This resource has been created for general information purposes only. The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) assumes no responsibility or liability for any harm, damage or other losses, direct or indirect, resulting from any reliance on the use or the misuse of any information contained on this web page. Facts, figures and resources mentioned in the referenced sources have not been validated by the OHA.


The OHA has developed a number of easy-reference fact sheets on core topics related to population health. View them by clicking on the links below.

We are also publishing a series of articles exploring the concept of population health, with the goal of considering the role of a hospital in producing population health. This series will feature successful initiatives of health systems that have invested beyond their walls to improve the health of their communities. To read the first article in the series, click here.

Article Series

The OHA is also working on an article series featured on Health System News that explores the concept of population health. A number of the articles also highlight efforts and initiatives underway at Ontario hospitals; some are at the beginning of their journey, while others are further along the way. Click on the links below to view the various articles in the series.