New Helpline for Caregivers


The new Ontario Caregiver 24/7 Helpline gives caregivers (family members, partners, friends and neighbours who provide someone with physical and/or emotional support), one point of access for information and support.    

Oftentimes, healthcare providers want to help caregivers but don't know what resources are available. With the new helpline, healthcare professionals can now direct caregivers to one phone number: 1 833 416 2273. The helpline is also available through a live chat on The Ontario Caregiver Organization's website, along with other caregiver tools and resources.

The Ontario Caregiver Organization also has available sample newsletter copy, social media posts, graphics, posters etc. at, to help organizations share this information more broadly. To receive updates from The Ontario Caregiver Organization to pass along to your members, subscribe to their newsletter here.