Here to Care Campaign Showcases Commitment of Ontario’s Hospitals

​In a recent survey of 1,000 Ontario residents commissioned by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), 77% agreed that hospitals care deeply and are committed to providing the best quality of care to patients. But the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most difficult times in the province's history – especially for Ontario's hospitals and the people from many different professions working together to keep them running.

That's why the Ontario Hospital Association– which represents and supports Ontario's public hospitals – is running a province-wide campaign to remind and reassure Ontarians that hospitals have been and will always be deeply committed to caring for them and their communities. The “Here to Care" campaign runs from May through to the end of July 2022. A series of advertisements on social media and in physical spaces across the province showcase the dedication of Ontario's hospitals even in the face of uncertainty and fear and reinforce their unwavering commitment to the safety and wellbeing of their communities.

Despite the serious challenges and obstacles they've faced over the past two years, hospitals have worked tirelessly to care for patients and collaborated with health system partners to keep communities safe and healthy. Beyond their own walls, their efforts as part of Team Ontario included stepping up to support long-term care homes when our most vulnerable were at risk and working alongside primary care and public health to run mass vaccination clinics.

Although much has changed over the past two years, the willingness of hospitals to give their all for the people of Ontario never will. The “Here to Care" campaign aims to recognize and celebrate that passion and perseverance.