Anti-racism resources: Ontario government resources


Ontario Government Resources

  • In 2017, the Ontario government set out a three-year Anti-Racism strategic plan to identify and eliminate systemic racism and advance racial equity in the province. The Anti-Racism Act, 2017 (ARA) provides the framework and requirements for the strategy and establishes targets and indicators to measure its effectiveness. Under this strategy, race-based data collection is being implemented in the justice, education and child welfare sectors to address racial inequities. Health information custodians, such as hospitals and other providers are not covered under the ARA. A report of the Anti-Racism strategic plan was issued in 2020 and 2021. Under the ARA, the government must review the strategic plan at least every five years. 

  • Ontario Public Service (OPS) Anti-Racism Policy (February 2018)
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination (June 2005; revised December 2009).
  • Ontario Health's Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Anti-Racism Framework (2020) was developed in collaboration with a number of health system stakeholders and community organizations. A re​port developed in partnership with the Wellesley Institute describes race-based data on the prevalence of COVID-19 in Ontario. The report examined data between June 6, 2020 and April 21, 2021.  ​

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