Physician Funding

​​​​The Ontario Medical Association and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care are responsible for targeting a variety of service areas for enhancement and investment. The OHA supports hospitals to ensure that changes to funding for physician services impacting hospitals are implemented efficiently and effectively.

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 Backgrounder on Physician Employment and Compensation Mechanisms
 Hospitals Voice Their Opinions - Core Recommendations for the 2012 Physician Services Agreement (2011)
 Justice Winkler Report (2014)
 MOHLTC Ten-Point Plan For Saving And Improving Service (2015)
 OHA Analysis of Additional Reductions to Funding for Physician Services (2015)
 OHA Recommendations for the 2014 Physician Services Agreement (2013)
 OHA Remuneration of Psychiatrists in Divested Provincial Psychiatric Hospitals (2012)
 OHA-OMA Analysis of Ten-Point Plan for Saving and Improving Service (2015)
 OHA-OMA Framework for the Redistribution of Hospital Services (2014).docx
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