Hospital Policies and Operations

​​​​Content relating to ongoing hospital operational and policy issues. Includes topics such as labour relations, smoke-free hospitals, workplace violence, accessibility and hospital parking.

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collapse Topic Area : Integrated Community Health Centers ‎(6)
 Bill 60 Your Health Act - Committee Submission
 Proposed Regulation under the ICHSCA - OHA Submission
 Bill 60 Your Health Act - Backgrounder
 Addendum Schedule 1 - Integrated Community Health Services Centres Act, 2023
 Addendum, Schedule 2 - Regulated Professions Amendments
 Proposed Regulations under ICHSCA - Backgrounder
collapse Topic Area : Labour and Employment ‎(8)
 Legislative Review of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015
 Police Records Check Reform Act, 2015 (Bill 113) - Backgrounder
 Broader Public Sector Perquisites Directive and Potential Labour and Employment Law Implications (July 2011) - Backgrounder
 Bill 57- Restoring Trust Transparency and Accountability Act 2018 - Backgrounder
 Bill 47 - Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018 - Submission
 Bill 124 - Backgrounder
 Bill 124 FAQs
 Proposed Regulatory Framework for PSWs and Related Regulatory Proposal Under the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 - Backgrounder
collapse Topic Area : Medication and Drugs ‎(1)
 Legalization of New Cannabis Products - Backgrounder
collapse Topic Area : Smoke-Free Hospitals ‎(1)
 Preparing For Cannabis-Developing and Updating Hospital Policies (September 2018)
collapse Topic Area : Vanessas Law ‎(3)
 Health Canada FAQ - Mandatory Reporting of ADR's and MDI's
 Vanessa's Law Supports
 Health Canada Webinar Presentation (November 2019)
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