Hospital-Physician Relations

​​The hospital-physician relationship is key to improving the quality of patient care. Recognizing that this relationship can influence health system integration and transformation, hospital-physician alignment is an area of long-term focus for the OHA.

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 HPR Thought Leadership Mandate Overview (2015)
 Inspiring Improvements - Hospital Success in Strengthening Hospital-Physician Relationships vF
 OHA Article Series - Part 1 Key Themes from the Literature
 OHA Article Series - Part 2 A Practical Approach to Enhancing the Relationship
 OHA Article Series - Part 3 Hospitals and Physicians Share Their Views
 OHA Quick Facts (2016)
 OHA-OMA Guidance for Developing an Effective Hospital-Physician Relationship - Full Version (2015)
 OHA-OMA Guidance for Developing an Effective Hospital-Physician Relationship - Quick Reference Summary (2015)
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual - Introduction and Acknowledgements
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual - Module 1 - Health Care in Ontario
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual - Module 2 - Hospital Governance
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual - Module 3 - Hospital Governance 2
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual - Module 4 - Leading High Performance Teams
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual - Module 5 - Basics of Hospital Finance
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual - Module 6 - Quality Safety and Risk Management
 Physician Leadership Resource Manual
 REVISED_March 2018StrongerTogether


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