Accountability and Governance

​Public hospitals in Ontario are operating in an increasingly complex and highly regulated environment. In this environment, hospitals are required to meet their obligations as not-for-profit corporations, including addressing governance, compliance and business operations issues.  the following resources are intended to assist hospitals in understanding and complying with these obligations.​

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 Summer Legislative and Regulatory Summary - September 2023
 Proposed Approach for Regulations under the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act, 2022 - OHA Submission
 Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act, 2022 - Backgrounder
 Records Retention Toolkit, September 2022
 Bill 138  - An Act to implement Budget measures - Backgrounder
 Understanding Your Legal Accountabilities - A Guide for Ontario Hospitals, June 2022
 Understanding Your Legal Accountabilities - A Guide for Ontario Hospitals, June 2022 - Word Version
 Bill S-211, An Act to enact the Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act and to amend the Customs Tariff - Backgrounder
collapse Topic Area : Health System Restructuring ‎(4)
 Bill 135 - Convenient Care at Home Act, 2023 - Backgrounder
 Bill 100 - An Act to Implement Budget Measures - Backgrounder
 Bill 175 - Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act - Backgrounder
 Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 and Regulation - Backgrounder
collapse Topic Area : Hospital Service Accountability Agreements ‎(6)
 2018-2020 HSAA - Conflict of Interest Policies
 2018-2020 HSAA - Frequently Asked Questions
 2018-20 HSAA - Annotated Version
 2018-2020 HSAA - Summary of New Features
 2018-2020 HSAA Commentary Chart
 New Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) Webcast (FEB 15, 2018)
collapse Topic Area : Voluntary Corporate Governance ‎(7)
 Professional Staff Credentialing Toolkit, Second Edition
 Hospital Prototype Board-Appointed Professional Staff By-Law – September 2021
 Primer - Updates to the Hospital Prototype Board Appointed Professional Staff By Law - September 2021
 Hospital Prototype Corporate By-Law (April 2022)
 Hospital Prototype Corporate By-Law January 2024
 Hospital Prototype Corporate By-Law, Word Document,  January 2024
 Updates to the Hospital Prototype Corporate By-Law, January 2024