Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) System Performance Dashboard

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) System Performance Dashboard is one component of the RCA's annual rehabilitative care system performance report. The dashboard indicators are organized into priority tabs and supplementary indicator tabs.

Priority Indicators include:

  • Wait time for inpatient rehabilitative care
  • Wait time for in-home rehabilitative care
  • Repeat ED visits for falls for community-dwelling seniors

Supplementary Indicators include:

  • ALC rate in acute care to inpatient rehab
  • ALC rate in rehab and CCC
  • Average total functional change (by RCG)
  • Average admission FIM® score (by RCG)
  • Average active rehabilitation LOS efficiency
  • Average CCRS LOS by RUG
  • Rate of fall-related admission to hospital from ED among seniors
  • ED visits for falls for community-dwelling seniors
  • Acute ALC Designations for rehab within two days
  • Proportion of patients admitted to inpatient rehabilitation within each RCG
  • Proportion of patients admitted to a CCRS reporting bed within each RCG

Each supplementary indicator tab is labelled based on its alignment with the Quadruple Aim: Patient Experience, Population Health, Value/Efficiency and Care-Team Well-Being. Currently data is only available for Patient Experience, Population Health and Value/Efficiency.

The interactive dashboard can be used to better understand local performance and facilitate comparisons according to peer, regional or provincial benchmarks. Each indicator can be filtered by year, region, and sub-region so that teams can view performance over time.

For more information about this tool visit the RCA System Evaluation webpage or contact info@rehabcarealliance.ca

Access Instructions:

The RCA System Performance dashboard is accessed through a secure portal. Users must be registered with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and can login via email address.  Access to this tool is provided automatically to Ontario hospitals, Ministry of Health, Local Health Integration Networks and Ontario Health. If you are not a member of the aforementioned organizations, email info@rehabcarealliance.ca to request access. For new users, there is a 24-hour waiting period to access the tool.