Integrated Decision Support (IDS)


Although health care providers have been working steadily towards system integration, access to data has been a persistent and common challenge to integration. Integrated Decision Support (IDS) – Ontario's leading collaborative solution for sharing integrated health partner data – is now able to hel​p organizations address these frustrating data "blind spots". Through its data sharing platform, IDS enables its network of providers to address common challenges that can only be solved through their combined efforts.

Join a host o​f s​u​​b​​s​c​ri​bers​​​​​​​​​​​​​ including hospitals, home and community care, primary care, community health centres, CMHA, ​public health, regions, and paramedic services, to gain access to linked data of shared-care patients.

Because patients have the right to choose where they receive care, many times crossing regional boundaries, IDS offers viable and effective tools that give providers a line of sight into the patient journey. This equips them with greater insight into potential solutions aimed at generating efficiencies and enabling better system planning – and most importantly, improving patient outcomes by being more responsive to their needs.

For those participating in the IDS Solution, this PHIP​A required Plain Language Statement​ about the IDS platform can be utilized within your organization in conjunction with your normal process for acknowledging implied consent with respect to patient data used for operational or quality-of-care purposes.

Did you know?

IDS links patient data for more than 100 health service providers across regions and offers data to over 1000 users for 180+ million encounters for more than 9.8 million unique patients.


Why IDS?

Integrated Patient Data – IDS offers a comprehensive ready-to-use platform with an integrated view of patient activity. Organizations are not limited to their current data sharing partners, but any IDS participant that their patient’s encounter.

Save Analyst Time – By removing the “grunt work” of data analysis, IDS helps save much-needed time. The pre-linked data – complete with pre-defined flags, metrics, and segmentation tools – saves countless hours of data preparation and curated tools allow analysts to easily monitor, benchmark and evaluate cross-sector interactions and performance.

Economies of Scale – There is no need to build infrastructure, reports and negotiate multiple partner agreements as IDS provides a robust, pre-built platform with data governance, data sharing agreements, and hundreds of pre-built solutions inspired by an active community of analytical users.

Timely Access to Data – Getting access to data that are 30 to 55 days post-encounter supports rapid cycle outcome testing and performance monitoring. Moreover, the IDS cubes can be made accessible to an organization’s BI tools in addition to the tools provided within the IDS Portal.​



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