Nursing Placement Capacity Dashboard

​​​​​Drawing from the results of the Ontario Hospital Association's (OHA) annual Clinical Placement Capacity in Nursing Survey, this dashboard showcases the number of clinical nursing placements accommodated in a hospital, where it stands among peers in the number of clinical placements accommodated, and the year-over-year change. These data sets​ offer a better understanding of available capacity in hospitals, which are the largest providers of clinical placements to nursing students.

The tool presents clinical placement data for preceptored and group students enrolled in a Registered Practical Nursing (RPN), Registered Nursing (RN), Master of Nursing (MN) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) program in Ontario over the academic year (i.e., September to August). Data can be reviewed at the full academic year level or at the individual semester (i.e., fall, winter, summer) level. Data can also be filtered by Ontario Health region and hospital type. 

The data reported on this dashboard is voluntary and self-reported. The OHA has not verified the accuracy of the data. Only hospitals that have completed the OHA's annual Clinical Placement Capacity in Nursing survey and have consented to sharing their information are included in the dashboard. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this dashboard, please contact Kristen Pitzul, Director, Strategic Policy and Hospital-Enabled Research, at kpitzul@oha.com