Board Self-Assessment Tool

How Effective is Your Board? Find Out for Yourself

Boards that self-assess can better identify the areas in which they are performing well as a board, areas for improvement and areas of concern. Discussing the board's overall assessment can encourage cohesion among board members by strengthening communication. It also allows for improved understanding of what it means to be an effective board; agreement on board roles and responsibilities; and, members' renewed dedication to the board.

The Board Self-Assessment Tool was designed based on the framework of the Guide to Good Governance, third edition​. It serves as an instrument for board learning that can improve board effectiveness, and in turn, enhance organizational performance. It supports governance improvement on a voluntary basis and can help strengthen commitment to effective governance practices.

The Board Self-Assessment Tool is offered free of charge to all OHA Member Hospitals

If your organization completed the board self-assessment tool in 2022, you can access your board’s self-assessment results online.