Operating Plan

In our 95th year and facing unprecedented levels of change, the OHA is proud to represent hospitals and collaborate with health system partners, and determined to leverage our collective knowledge and energy to build a high-performing health system that delivers better outcomes for patients and families.

Our 2020-21 Operating Plan takes full advantage of the momentum of the past two years. As we enter the final year of a strategic plan that modernizes every aspect of our work, we are in an exciting position and will continue to strengthen our core member services. We are also entering into the most significant period of change within the OHA in twenty years - and evolution members will begin to see in the year ahead.

Insights gained from the 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey and ongoing direct engagement with hospital and health system leaders inform how the OHA plans for the future. As we look forward, we will continue to use every opportunity to engage our members and health system partners regarding their emerging needs and changes to our health care system.

The operating plan was released in March 2020 and a covering letter regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic was added in September 2020. 

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