Operating Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a deep mark in the memories of people around the world. This will be the OHA's first year under our Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027, which incorporates our learnings from the past few years. Under the new plan, we will build on our core mandates and enhance the services our members have long relied on us to provide, while also pursuing new priorities that align with the changing needs of our members and the health system.

The pandemic experience has proven that hospitals must play a key role in building a reliable health care system for all Ontarians. Our operating plan outlines the work our team will undertake this year to support hospitals in this pursuit. We will also continue several important initiatives which began under the previous strategic plan and have now entered exciting execution phases.

In addition to the strategic plan, the 2023/2024 Operating Plan is based on insights gained from the member satisfaction survey and ongoing direct engagement with hospital and health system leaders. Working in collaboration with our members and partners, we look forward to beginning this new phase of the OHA's nearly 100-year history.

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