Operating Plan

As Ontario's hospitals have served as the anchor of the province's COVID-19 pandemic response with remarkable dedication and resilience, the OHA has been honoured to support them. We will continue these comprehensive and responsive efforts until the vaccines are fully deployed.

But even once this crisis is behind us, we know that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed Ontario's health care system – and we can't afford to go back to business as usual. Our 2021/22 Operating Plan aims to not only stabilize the health system in the aftermath of the pandemic, but also chart a course to build it back stronger so it can withstand future threats and provide the best possible care to all Ontarians.

This plan is based on a one-year extension of the current strategic plan, insights gained from the member satisfaction survey, and ongoing direct engagement with hospital and health system leaders. As we incorporate lessons learned during the pandemic into the OHA's next strategic plan, we  will continue to engage our members and partners regarding their changing needs and the future of the health system.

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