Redefining Health Care

​​At the OHA, we’re always looking for innovative ways to share with you the best information available to help you make informed decisions. That’s why we’ve created a health policy journal that provides an opportunity for fostering this debate.

Our journal, Redefining Health Care: A Dialogue on Health Policy, is a sem​iannual publication provides in-depth perspectives and analysis of the issues, trends, research, and best practices in health care. Redefining Health Care is designed to support hospitals and our partners by exploring emerging and evolving health policy issues in Ontario.

Moving forward, Redefining Health Care will continue to explore timely health policy issues and provides exclusive interviews with thought leaders, consultants and academics that offer innovative ideas and tools to help those in the system make informed decisions to improve the health care system in Ontario.

​If you have any feedback on the journal or would like to submit your ideas for a future issue, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact

 Redefining Health Care Issue 1: Health System Reconfiguration
 Redefining Health Care Issue 2: Strengthening Hospital-Physician Relationships
 Redefining Health Care Issue 3: Patient- and Family-Centred Care