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​Quick Facts 2018: Ontario's Public Hospitals


Total number of public hospital corporations (262 hospital sites)


Total number of hospital employees


Total inpatient surgeries performed in 2016/17

1.2 million

Total outpatient surgeries performed in 2016/17

6.4 million

Total number of ER visits in 2016/17

14.5 million

Ambulatory care visits* in 2016/17

*clinic and day/night visits, excludes day/outpatient surgery and ER visits

Compared to the average of all other provinces, the Government of Ontario spends $401 less per person on hospital care. This translates into a savings of $5.7 billion dollars annually for the government to spend on other important priorities.

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Community Hospitals


Acute Academic Hospitals


Complex Continuing Care (CCC) and Rehabilitation (Rehab) Hospitals


Mental Health and Addiction Hospitals

Ontario hospitals are actively collaborating with their community providers to enhance access and improve delivery of services across the province. Many hospitals are closely affiliated or integrated with Family Health Teams, long-term care homes, assisted living and community housing among others.

Other Facts and Figures:

  • In 1838, Kingston General Hospital cared for its first patient making it the oldest public hospital in Canada still in operation.
  • Ontario hospitals range in size from under 20 beds to over 1,200 beds.
  • Ontario hospitals have a 22-year history of public reporting on the quality of care they provide.
  • Ontario’s hospitals care for patients dispersed across a vast geographic area that is larger than the area of France and Germany combined.
  • Ontario’s research hospitals invest $1.4 billion in health research annually and are home to 17,500 researchers and research staff.*