Care Partner Presence Policies During COVID-19

We understand how heart-wrenching and frustrating it has been for care partners to be separated from loved ones during this pandemic. Due to the nature of the disease, and the way it spreads so quickly and easily, restrictions on care partner presence were put in place to ensure the safety of patients, healthcare providers and the many vulnerable people in our communities.  

As Ontario begins to re-open and hospitals resume services based on local/regional considerations and government directives,  we anticipate changes will be issued to begin welcoming some care partners back into our hospitals. 

To support hospitals with the reintegration of care partners into their hospitals, the Ontario Hospital Association together with the Change Foundation and the Ontario Caregiver Organization have developed this guidance document of considerations. These considerations  are intended to support hospitals in considering potential changes to their care partner presence policies.  

Hospitals should consider this guidance within the context of their local and regional circumstances to best determine the extent to which the presence of care partners can be expanded within their organization

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Below are additional resources for consideration in preparation for the safe reintegration of care partners into hospitals:




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