Communicable Diseases Surveillance Protocols

Recent events have proven that disease and viral outbreaks in Ontario remain a real and serious threat. The OHA remains on the forefront of prevention and treatment strategies through its support of the Communicable Diseases Surveillance Protocols Committee (CDSPC). This committee involves collaboration between the OHA member hospitals, the Ontario Medical Association and its representatives, and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. 

In accordance with Regulation 965, Section 4 of the Public Hospitals Act, the Committee produces protocols which apply to all people who carry out activities within hospitals.

Committee membership includes physicians and nurses with expertise in infectious diseases, as well as specialists in occupational health, microbiology and public health 

The CDSPC also advises OHA on other matters related to infectious diseases, including vaccination campaigns and emergency preparedness

In this way, OHA is playing a proactive part in ensuring the health and safety of Ontarians and their Health Care Professionals.

Current Protocols and Reference Documents

 Adenovirus Protocol (October 2017)
 Antibiotic Resistant Organisms (May 2019)
 Blood Borne Diseases Protocol (November 2018)
 CDSPC Background Information
 Cytomegalovirus (May 2019)
 Enteric Diseases Protocol (October 2017)
 Group A Streptococcal Protocol (November 2018)
 Herpes Simplex Protocol (November 2018)
 Influenza Protocol (November 2018)
 Measles Protocol (May 2019)
 Meningococcal Disease Protocol (October 2017)
 Mumps Protocol (May 2019)
 Parvovirus Protocol (November 2018)
 Pertussis Protocol (October 2017)
 Rubella Protocol (May 2019)
 Sample Medical Directive
 Scabies Protocol (June 2018)
 Tuberculosis Protocol (June 2018)
 Varicella Zoster (June 2018)