Recommended Investments for Hospitals: The Financial Toll of COVID-19


​​​​​​Over the last few months, Ontario hospitals and other health care providers have been working expeditiously to plan for and to combat COVID-19 – a challenge that has been without parallel in Ontario's history.

Ontario hospitals have been the anchor of the COVID-19 response, delivering life-saving intensive care while additionally opening assessment units, conducting lab testing, and deploying staff to assist in long-term care.

Now, as hospitals continue to resume scheduled surgeries, hospitals are turning their minds towards the financial implications of the required and necessary actions taken to date. In addition to the costs incurred so far, the pandemic is far from over.

Government action is urgently needed to address hospitals' operational, capacity and financial challenges.
As the anchor of the province's COVID-19 response, it is essential that hospitals have the underlying resources needed to maintain stability so that they can continue to keep Ontarians safe. 

The OHA has published a position paper which outlines the financial challenges facing Ontario hospitals for the time ahead, and which puts forward three recommendations to government.




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