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2011 Patient Safety Week 


Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) is soon approaching.  Taking place from October 31 – November 4, CPSW shines the spotlight on patient safety issues, shares information about best practices and aims to grow and strengthen patient safety and quality initiatives. 

This year’s theme, Ask. Listen. Talk, promotes the importance of patients being involved with their own health care.  Good health care starts with good communication and health care professionals, patients and their families are encouraged to “ask questions”, “listen to the answers” and “talk about concerns and ways of improving safety”.  For further information, or to register for CPSW, click here.

The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) along with the hospitals we serve, are dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care and to improving patient safety.  Recently, the OHA, on behalf of Ontario hospitals, released the Quality and Patient Safety Plan 2010-2013 to guide our work in this important area.  Our campaigns such as Your Health Care Be Involved and Clean Hands Protect Lives (for further information, click here), are based on the fundamental premise that good health care starts with the patient. 

To mark this year’s CPSW, we are featuring a special Patient Safety-themed issue of OHA Today.  I encourage you all to visit to learn about some of the OHA’s important work in the area of patient safety and find out how you can create a culture of patient safety within your own organization.


Published: 19-Oct-11
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