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Enhancing Access Through Integration

Health care integration and collaboration provide innovative solutions to Ontario’s small, rural and northern communities. This collection of success stories, are a source of inspiration for other communities that are also working to provide accessible, coordinated care, and we encourage you to share them widely.

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Success Stories from the 2012 Quality Healthcare Workplace Awards

The Quality Healthcare Workplace Awards (QHWA) recognize the success of health care organizations that have improved their staff’s quality of work-life and the quality of care and services they deliver. To celebrate the successes of hospitals and health care facilities in Ontario, the OHA is pleased to present this compilation of Success Stories from the 2012 Quality Healthcare Workplace Awards.


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Succession Planning Resource Guide

This Guide covers the basic steps involved in Succession Planning and includes best practices and templates from health care and non-health care industries. It is meant to provide member organizations with a succession planning framework and to share some of the great work our members have put in place in their organizations.


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Achieving Patient Experience Excellence: An Idea Book

A collection of success stories sharing leading practices in achieving excellence in patient experience.




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Recruitment and Retention Insights of Students in Health Care

This report highlights the thoughts, perceptions and expectations of students pursuing a career in health care. The report is based on data that was analyzed from the past three years of results for health care students from the Top Campus Employers Survey – an annual survey of university and college students from across Canada, conducted by DECODE. 


To access the Top Campus Employer Study for Health Care / Medicine Students click here


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 Insight on Early Career Workers in Health Care


This report shares the findings from a research study of young workers (under the age of 35) by life stage (young singles, young couples, and young parents) in three pilot hospitals (one teaching, one community, and one small hospital) conducted in November 2012. The research was conducted in partnership with DECODE – a strategy and innovation consultancy firm focused exclusively on youth.

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Strategies For Reducing Preventable Mortality 

This guide provides senior health care leaders, clinical managers, and quality improvement and safety leaders with a broad overview of six key steps for developing a strategy to reduce preventable mortality within their organizations. It also features a compendium of Canadian and international resources which include databases of leading practices, case studies, and other useful tools.

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Preventing/Reducing Unauthorized Access to Personal Health Information 


Together the Ontario Hospital Association and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner have developed this resource to help hospitals ensure that they have a robust approach to preventing unauthorized access under the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

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Hospital Guidelines for the Treatment of Persons Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted 



These Guidelines have been created to ensure standardized and consistent care province-wide for persons who have experienced sexual assault and domestic violence.  

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Enabling Nurse Practitioners to Admit and Discharge: A Guide for Hospitals 


This Guide  was developed in response to the amendment of Regulation 965 of the Public Hospitals Act, enabling Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to admit and discharge in-patients. This resource is intended to assist hospitals with determining how best to engage NPs in these practices within their organization.  

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The Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Human Capital Performance 


The Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Human Capital Performance report summarizes findings from the Ontario Hospital Association’s (OHA) exploratory research project conducted in 2012 with three pilot hospitals (one acute teaching, one community, and one small). The project examines the relationship between employee engagement and several key human resources metrics.  

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Optimizing your Perioperative Supply Chain: A Guide to Improvement Projects


Informed by hospitals undertaking improvement projects and written by a committee of subject matter experts, this guide is designed to help executives and a cross-disciplinary team of hospital staff successfully complete their own perioperative supply chain improvement project


To download individual chapters, click here.

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Suicide Risk Assessment: A Resource Guide for Health Care Organizations


On September 23, 2011, the OHA, in partnership with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), released: Suicide Risk Assessment: A Resource Guide for Health Care Organizations.

The first resource of its kind, the guide is designed to assist health care organizations with standardizing the process of high-quality suicide risk assessment by presenting a framework for suicide risk assessment and identifying suicide risk assessment tools.


To access the background document, click here.

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OHA Expense Policy Guidelines, 2011


The Hospital Expense Policy Guidelines have been developed as a useful framework to guide hospitals in developing their expense policies in the areas of personal business expenses, hospitality, and corporate events. They have been updated to align with the 2011 BPS Expenses Directive.

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OHA Primer: A Practical Guide for Hospitals Preparing for FIPPA Implementation


On January 1, 2012, Ontario hospitals will become subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) has developed this Primer to help hospitals prepare for their FIPPA accountabilities. Specifically, this document lists action items and priorities for hospitals to accomplish over the next two months.




Leading Practices in Emergency Department Patient Experience


The Leading Practices in Emergency Department Patient Experience Review is a worldwide review of factors that influence the Emergency Department (ED) patient experience and a portfolio of promising improvement strategies supported by evidence from literature and key informant interviews.


To access the Snapshot of Worldwide Leading Practices in Emergency Department Patient Experience, click here


To access the Improving the Emergency Department Patient Experience: A Guide to Developing Rapid Improvement Surveys, click here.

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Leading Practices for Addressing Clinical Manager Span of Control in Ontario


Leading Practices for Addressing Clinical Manager Span of Control (SOC) in Ontario identifies key leading practices and strategies that health care employers can consider to assist in alleviating negative impacts of large manager spans of control on staff and patients.

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OHA HR Benchmarking Guidebook


The OHA Human Resources (HR) Benchmarking Guidebook is one among several resources the OHA has developed as part of its efforts to establish a provincial HR Benchmarking Program for health care in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Saratoga. 





A Guidebook to Patient Safety Leading Practices: 2010


The 2010 Patient Safety Leading Practices Guidebook - Advancing Patient Safety through Ideas and Innovations, aims to highlight and share innovative patient safety initiatives in Ontario hospitals, focused on four themes: boards and leadership, teamwork and
communication, transparency of data and accountability, and patient and family and engagement.

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Patient Safety: Leading Practice in Ontario, 2008


Offering a diverse range of excellent projects by Ontario hospitals in the area of patient safety.


All leading practices in this Guide were thoroughly assessed by an expert review committee comprised of representatives from Accreditation Canada, Health Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC), the OHA, and the OHA’s Patient Safety Leadership Council. 


The Guide showcases projects from a range of organizations including large teaching hospitals, medium-sized community hospitals, and small and rural organizations.


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Patient Safety: Leading Practice in Ontario, 2006


This Guide offers insight into innovative initiatives from hospitals across Ontario, and provides examples of practical, effective patient safety strategies that hospitals can explore, learn from and potentially initiate within their own facility.


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