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ER and ALC 

The Emergency Room (ER) and Alternate-Level-of-Care (ALC) issue remains a critical challenge for Ontario hospitals. The OHA has been working with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and its other system partners to find and develop innovative solutions that address the ER and ALC issue. These efforts are aimed at alleviating the health system pressures related to ER and ALC, and thus improve wait times and enhance overall access to care.

This online resource provides Members with monthly ALC Performance Reports provided to the OHA by the Cancer Care Ontario’s – Access to Care Team, upcoming educational opportunities and other resources.  


Performance Reports:


Upcoming Conferences:


Updates to come.




   2014 – Managing Transitions: A Guidance Document – This Guidance document aims to be a resource and promote a consistent approach and understanding of the information necessary to support and manage the transitions to care ensuring compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements while recognizing both the patient’s rights and responsibilities. The document is written by legal counsel who regularly assists health care providers with difficult discharge issues.


2014 - Roundtable Discussion: Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Capacity Challenges - Long-Term Placement: Using Data to Drive Patient-Centred Care for Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Patients with Mental Health, Addiction and Behavioural Requirements in Ontario: This report is a Summary of Proceedings from the January 24, 2014 Roundtable that was hosted by the OHA’s Mental Health and Addiction Provincial Leadership Council and attended by over 35 participants from across the care continuum.   It provides a snapshot of the key issues and solutions identified at the Roundtable which will inform future OHA advocacy efforts on this important issue. 


Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Capacity challenges and Long-Term Care Placement - A Roundtable Discussion: Key Messages and Suggested Actions (OHA and OACCAC paper): This report summarizes the discussions that emerged from a Roundtable, held in May 2012, to uncover the key issues impacting the interpretation of the legislation governing long-term care (LTC) placement, and offer potential systemic solutions to improve the transitioning of ALC patients waiting for LTC placement. The OACCAC and the OHA hope that the key messages and actions outlined in this report can contribute to future policy and planning discussions regarding ALC capacity challenges.


   For more information on ER and ALC issues, please contact:

Enza Ferro

Policy Advisor at 416-205-1319


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