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About Us 

Our vision at the OHA is to achieve a high performing health system.  But it’s only through our members – the for-profit and not-for-profit organizations involved in Ontario health care delivery, including approximately 150 Ontario hospitals – that this vision can be met.  Our mission is thus to support them:  by giving them high-quality products and services, by championing innovation and performance improvement, and by advancing and influencing health system policy in Ontario. 


Our signature event is HealthAchieve – the health care industry’s must-attend event and the largest conference and exhibition of its kind in North America.


As we pursue our vision and mission, our values help keep us on track:


Health-Focused – We are guided by the health needs of our population and our communities.


Evidence-Based – We use the best available evidence and experience in making decisions.


Collaborative – We work in partnership with others in contributing to the development of a high-performing, affordable health care system.


Trusted – We act in a way that engenders trust and respect among members, partners, our staff, and the people who use Ontario’s health care system.

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